Splitting a Loop Bump

I got it into my head that I needed to try a Loop Bump 2-ply using only one bump. I’ve heard of people tearing the bump in half before, but no one seems to have pictures and I wanted to test it out.

I started with my “Oasis” bump from last year’s Loop Club (this was one of my “dream” colorways).


I like it when my 2-plies are a little uneven, so that the colors fade into each other for softer transitions; it also means I don’t have to be very precise when I split things in two. I picked an approximate middle and started digging in with my fingers to separate the roving strands. At this point I wasn’t actually tearing anything, just moving it around.


I got it split to the point where it looked like this.


Next I started actually ripping the strands apart. Since I don’t possess inhuman strength, this had to be done a few strands at a time.


Once everything was ripped, I had two messy halves.


They look neat from the other side, and I was able to fish around in the middle to find an end for both. I’ll spin them from the middle out.


The downside to this method is that it makes several small strands that have to be joined frequently. The blue here is the very beginning strand and the tan is the very outside one. (The blue is half as long as the following ones will be, since it started with one end sticking out.)


I weighed them after, and one bump is 67g and the other is 77g. I’ll spin the heavy one first and occasionally take out one strand as I work through each color. Then I’ll add that back to the lighter one when I spin it and hopefully I’ll end up with a better match for yardage when I ply. If not, I can always do the Andean Ply when I get to the end.


4 thoughts on “Splitting a Loop Bump

  1. That is really neat! When I had heard people talking about splitting them I had envisioned splitting it from top to bottom so that it was a half circle, not the way you did, lol.
    I look forward to seeing how it comes out :)

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