Makin’ baby stuff

This week has included some secret knitting, because of a certain pregnant friend who does not knit, but looks at pictures on the blog. But the baby shower is done, so now I can share…

Tiny Jolly Green Giant baby booties (with ducky buttons!)


And a Moderne Log Cabin blanket.


I stopped early in the pattern because it was big enough, and worked an applied i-cord edging. I usually despise finishing details like i-cord edgings, but it had been so long since I had done one that it was charming all over again.


The first of the Lime Vilai socks are done (modeled courtesy a friend with much smaller feet than I have).


The Purple Mockery socks from last week have gotten a little more progress, but look essentially the same.

I finished spinning the second bobbin of the Loop “Oasis” bump. I spun them in a long-draw manner, which helps to make things go a lot faster when I spin fine.


Then I plied them in a totally easy 2-ply. I didn’t even fuss with the color transitions and just let the colors line up as they pleased. As a result, I got a fair amount of “bleed” from one color to the next, and with the exception of maybe the orange to blue changeover, it’ll have lovely soft color transitions.

oasis skein

It’s a plump laceweight at ~720 yards/5oz. I’ve already wound it up and am seriously thinking about ditching everything else to start knitting.


The wheel has some interesting prospects though, since I’m starting on spinning for my next swap today. Spinning will therefore be somewhat obscured for the next few weeks here.


Mostly Socks

The Loop Batt spin is coming along nicely. I’ve finished the bobbin for one half-bump and started the other.


The first half I spun was the heavier one (by about 10g). As I spun through it, I separated out pieces of each color until I had 5g. I’ll add those back in to the second half as I spin to make the weights more even.


Mostly I’ve been working on the lonely socks this week. The fancy lime socks (Vilai, from Cookie A.’s Sock Innovation) have made some progress.


The purple Mockery socks also made a little headway.


If you look closely, there is a faint line about halfway down the leg of the Mockery sock. That’s where these got picked up. It had been over four years since I had knitted on these and I was surprised to learn that my gauge had changed. The pink needles are exactly the same ones these socks got started on, but in the intervening years, I have made minor adjustments to my knitting technique to make me knit faster. It also seems to have tightened up my tension just a bit. (That, or my life is more stressful now than it was as a graduate student, which I significantly doubt.)

I have not abandoned the Bluebell and Clover socks, though I have growing concerns that they are too big (and I wear a women’s US10 already). I’ve decided to ignore it and keep knitting.


Some other yarn time this week was taken up with projects for an impending infant, but the pregnant coworker in question looks at pictures on this blog, so no one gets to see until after this weekend.


Today’s WIP Wednesday reveals…

One Namaste Mitt is done in all its bright glory.


The Darkside singles have been Navajo-plied into 250ish yards of squishy delightful heavy fingering weight.


The wheel is finally getting a taste of the Oasis Loop bump that I split in two a while back. I’m going for 2-ply laceweight.


The Bluebell & Clover socks keep getting worked on since they are my traveling project and they’ve gotten to that stage where they look like bunny ears.


The 2-ply Malibu + Maison Moderne yarn has been woven into a simple scarf. I still have some yarn left. It might be enough for a striped hat to go with.


And the easiest to finish sock from the pile of socks has been finished. It just needed a toe. In classic abandoning fashion, I have not bothered to cast on for the second sock and have instead moved right on to another of the unfinished socks (the fancy lime one).


Sixteen Lonely Socks

I have been scattered this last week. I went cat shopping and now I want TWO cats but I haven’t gotten any yet.

The wheel is still working on Moonrover Darkside singles. I’m spinning them long-draw, which is usually pretty quick for me, but Lacey really loaded these up with fun add-ins and it slows me down a bit.


The Namaste Mitts had to be ripped back to the cuff because they were too small, but I’ve knit past the failure already.


I did manage to cast off the Leftie scarf.


I haven’t blocked it. I don’t know if it needs it. I will admit that some of my resistance to blocking is due to the fact that I haven’t gotten out the blocking mats and found the pins ever since I moved last September.


Also the Phat Fiber group on Ravlery is doing a KAL for unfinished socks. I’m not generally inclined to join UFO KALs, but I thought I’d just check and see how many lonely socks I had laying around. Turns out, a lot.


Plus another I remembered later. Sixteen not-yet-pairs! Some of these are more than 4 years old. Some of them never even got logged as projects on Ravelry. I’ve joined the KAL out of sheer necessity. I do think that many of these socks were abandoned for legitimate reasons, and a few will be ‘finished’ by being frogged. For others, I have plans to knit a mate in a different pattern. (Woo, rebel!) Part of me is amused by the fact that if I focus on these socks, the DebbieB Handspun socks and the Bluebell & Clover socks from the last few weeks will become UFOs themselves.

That’s 36 socks in all.