Sixteen Lonely Socks

I have been scattered this last week. I went cat shopping and now I want TWO cats but I haven’t gotten any yet.

The wheel is still working on Moonrover Darkside singles. I’m spinning them long-draw, which is usually pretty quick for me, but Lacey really loaded these up with fun add-ins and it slows me down a bit.


The Namaste Mitts had to be ripped back to the cuff because they were too small, but I’ve knit past the failure already.


I did manage to cast off the Leftie scarf.


I haven’t blocked it. I don’t know if it needs it. I will admit that some of my resistance to blocking is due to the fact that I haven’t gotten out the blocking mats and found the pins ever since I moved last September.


Also the Phat Fiber group on Ravlery is doing a KAL for unfinished socks. I’m not generally inclined to join UFO KALs, but I thought I’d just check and see how many lonely socks I had laying around. Turns out, a lot.


Plus another I remembered later. Sixteen not-yet-pairs! Some of these are more than 4 years old. Some of them never even got logged as projects on Ravelry. I’ve joined the KAL out of sheer necessity. I do think that many of these socks were abandoned for legitimate reasons, and a few will be ‘finished’ by being frogged. For others, I have plans to knit a mate in a different pattern. (Woo, rebel!) Part of me is amused by the fact that if I focus on these socks, the DebbieB Handspun socks and the Bluebell & Clover socks from the last few weeks will become UFOs themselves.

That’s 36 socks in all.


9 thoughts on “Sixteen Lonely Socks

  1. It looks to me like you accomplished quite a lot! (I’ve been spinning 8 oz of 2-ply {probably} laceweight ALL week.) I LOVE the beautiful pile of sock UFOs.

    • I find spinning for laceweight to be really satisfying, though 8oz would feel like forever! Kudos, that’s enough to make something epic.
      I think the socks are haunting me. I dreamt last night that I found 2 more half-knit socks. Now I feel a little paranoid that there might be more squirreled away somewhere!

    • I’ve been working on 8oz of masham to make a 4-strand fingering weight cable for, um. Six weeks? There was a lengthy spinning break because of a sewing machine but really, I still haven’t finished the singles and it’s getting out of hand.
      May your laceweight go much, much faster.

    • Thanks! I think it’s a pretty good representation of my own taste in color, though there is a noticeable absence of the golden yellow that I love.

  2. Goodness, kitties. I went to my local shelter for one last May and the Boy said, “$99 for one kitten or $100 for two? Might as well get two then!” He who thought he wasn’t a cat person. So we got two kittens and they are lovely and inseparable even though they’re not biological siblings. Two cats, A++++, recommended.
    Your colorwork looks fantastic! I just finished a pair of Leyburn socks that I’m hoping have taught me to tension my colorwork properly–oh! I spy a Leyburn in your sock rainbow. I keep telling myself I don’t have any socks on the needles (well, I cast on a new pair yesterday, but until then I did) but that’s not strictly true, because I have one Francie that needs four rounds removed before the toe shaping, and another that needs another two thirds of a sock to be a finished pair, but I’ve just learned the magic of toe-up-two-at-a-time-on-one-circ sock knitting so obviously I need to abandon boring* cuff-down-on-DPNs socks immediately.

    *It’s okay, cuff-down-on-DPNs socks, it’s just the novelty talking, I still love you, I just can’t follow a pattern to the letter and two-at-a-time means I don’t have to remember past one full round.

    • The cats I’m still thinking about adopting are biological brother & sister (Puddin’ & Pop from the Friends For Life rescue in Gilbert, if you want to look them up!), but I think I want two mostly because I have long days at work and don’t want one to get lonely or destructive. I haven’t gotten any cats yet because my house is a mess and there are too many things laying around for kitty noms. I’m doing a cleaning effort this weekend, we’ll see how far I get.
      The gray /w orange sock at the bottom is a modified Francie too!
      And I totally agree about 2-at-a-time – clearly singles give me second sock syndrome. Many of these socks were modified or invented from scratch as I went with insufficient notes, and trying to make a duplicate is a pain. So much easier to make mods when you’re doing both at once!

      • Oh, they’re so sweet! Yeah, people think cats are asocial and independent–and some are–but most do better with another cat for company and entertainment. And there’s really nothing better than two cats flipping out at each other. My house is an eternal mess, but we got them young enough that they quickly learned that chewing cords is Not Allowed. And a lot of the mess is because cats and boxes go together SO perfectly.
        …my cats are at least as spoiled as they sound, yes.

        I was charmed by Francie for about the first 2/3 of the first sock, and I’m still amused by how silly they look unblocked, but the modified 2×2 rib is only interesting for so long. Plus, man-socks.

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