Sustained Sock Saga

I’m was looking through my WIP pictures for the last two weeks wondering what happened to all my knitting time, when I realized: when I actually knit both socks in a pair, it takes twice as long. More so when those are size large socks on size US0 needles. It takes even longer still when I’m writing the pattern as I go.

The Moonrover testing socks are done. She’s named this yarn base “Whipple“.


You’ll notice that the ribs on one sock are wider than the other. This was a major component in why I was actually able to complete this “pair” without getting distracted. My attention span leaves something to be desired.

Another reason for completion is that Shawna of Caliope’s Fibers liked the V in the gusset so much that she asked for instructions on how to knit it. This resulted in me writing most of the pattern for her as I knit the second sock. The second sock has the narrower ribs and I also modified the increases to make the rib points more pointy.

I’m still fussing with the pattern, like adding the points as increases to the toe.


That’s 80/20 SW Merino/Nylon sock yarn from Quaere in “Shower Curtain”.

Once I’ve got all the kinks worked out I’ll get it published on Ravelry, which will be my first publication in 2 years and my first sock pattern. Woo!

Spinning in the last two weeks? Zilch. The spinner in my head is understandably concerned, since I’ve got 2 more bobbins of the Grape Jelly SW BFL sock yarn to spin and there are only 10 days left until I need my wheel to be free for Tour de Fleece. That’s plenty of time to spin it up if I, you know, actually put some time in.

I’ll be traveling for the second half of the tour, so will be toting along spindles. I’ve joined Team Loop for when I have the wheel and Team Phat Fiber for my time with spindles. I have a whole batch of purple samples that I think I’ll take with me.


I’m having a dilemma about the purple samples. I prefer to spin each sample how I would spin the full amount of something, because that way I can be fair to the original vision of the fiber artist. (It’s also good info for me, should I ever want to buy the full version.) That’s why I spun the Campfire and Wine yarns without carding the fibers together or otherwise altering the samples any more than my standard spinning prep would.

But I’ve done that twice now and want something different. I’m seriously considering blending this whole batch on the carder. I also think a blend will be more consistent and easier to manage on a spindle. But then, I may be mad at myself later when it won’t unblend…


A sock blog

I swear this was supposed to be a spinning blog, but after the survey to my relatives about socks, I have been in sock knitting overdrive. This does not actually mean I am knitting socks for the relatives.

The rainbow yarn on the spindle from last time has been finished, which is the bulk of the spinning I’ve done in the last few weeks.


Oh, I spun a sample of an art yarn too.

[Not pictured because it is tiny and kind of pathetic]

But socks!

Socks in primary colors! (Farmhouse Yarns Fannie’s Fingering Weight in “Indian Corn”)


I need to do something fun with the gusset. Not sure what yet.

The socks I’ve been knitting with the Vicariously yarn got just far enough for me to figure out that I was unhappy with the toe, the fit, and the fact that I forgot to start a cable pattern in the gusset.

They got this far, which was also far enough for me to confirm that the yarn is fabulous.


And then they suffered a sad fate.


They will get cast on again once I reclaim the size 0 needles from the sock I put them in. Which is this.


Lacey of Moonrover has started dyeing sock yarn! I jumped on the chance to knit a test skein and am thoroughly enjoying myself. Instep gusset for the win!


WILL IT BLEND!? The spiral socks I was working on before caused me to become temporarily obsessed with socks knit from scrap yarn. I went through the scrap bag again and made this pile…


…which is slowly being converted into these funky socks using the Blender technique.


I think of these as my “Arrested Development” socks, because that’s what I’ve been watching while I knit them. (Not the new stuff yet, I started at the beginning.) They also feel appropriately wacky in that way.

And that sweater plan from last time? Remember how I am fickle? Now there is a Loop plan. Winter Tour de France Fleece is coming.


No, the whole stack is not the plan.

And to be clear, winter doesn’t come here.