Moonrover Fangirl

That orange and turquoise fiber I had on the wheel? I totally abandoned it because Lacey of Moonrover is having a SW Spin-along and like the Moonrover fangirl I am, I ditched everything that isn’t hers. (I’ll go back to it someday, no worries. Wait, did I say that about the Grape Jelly SW BFL too? Shush, I do what I want!)

SW Moonclouds:


I’m taking each cloud bundle and un-knotting it, wrapping it carefully into a roll, then stretching it out like a mini moonbatt. I’m spinning them one after another long draw, matching ends.

flowI’m spinning for 3-ply fingering weight yarn (of course) and I’ll n-ply.


What else have I been working on? I’ve been kind of all over the place lately, letting my whims cast on whatever suits them.

I did finish the Peeta Socks.


And the Vicarious yarn has been re-cast as a version of my Vergeven socks.


And I finally got to the border on this epic shawl I’ve been working on for …. um…. 3 1/2 years. Pattern is Windswept, yarn is 50/50 merino/mulberry silk.


No word on when I will actually finish it.


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