The year so far

Well I’ve been quiet lately. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the crafting realm…


I finished spinning the rainbow yarn from last post. I tried for a little less twist in this one than I usually do, because the blend already has some nylon for strength. I’m quite pleased with the result.

rainbowI also finished up the Orange & Turquoise yarn. For that one, I had 2 ounces each of two different SW Merino fibers. I vertically stripped each piece into 4 bits, then tore each of those bits into 4 pieces. Then I alternated spinning one from the turquoise & gray batch with one from the aqua & orange batch (have a look at the picture from that post for them all lined up), and finished by chain-plying.


Aaaand that yarn has already been knitted into socks. I felt like mixing up the colors even more, so I opted for 2-row striping plain toe-up socks with a modified short-row heel.


I’m quite amused how the colors matched back up on one of the cuffs.

The Moonrover yarn we saw last post has already been knitted into socks too, also of my own invented design. The cables look cool but kind of make a mess of the fit, especially at the ankles.


Also those Bluebell & Clover socks from I-don’t-remember-when were frogged because I was unhappy with them and knit into something much more pleasing: Puschkinia socks from Kirsten Kapur.


The silver shawl pictured in the last post was also finished! This was really a win for me, because I’d been working on it for at least four years (it had gotten to the point of only being airplane knitting) and I thought it might never get done.

Modeled by my lovely friend T

Other Adventures:

So the sewing became all-consuming for a little while, because I became a little obsessed with the idea of a TARDIS box bag (idea supplied by the delightful Chris.) I ran through several prototypes, but by the fifth or sixth bag had worked out all the details. So naturally I stopped there and haven’t made any more since.

Tardis Bags

I was also recently sent to Alaska for work for two weeks. I took the only full day I had off and visited the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer. I scored some sweet, sweet qiviut in the raw form and I’ve spun just a tiny bit of it so far.

muskyMy brief searches of the internet so far haven’t yielded an abundance of info on spinning raw qiviut, so I mostly winged it and it seemed to work out. I’ll take lots of pictures when I spin the next batch.




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