The Finishing Drive

I have a case of the finish-its, which is a rare and special thing for me. It started when I knocked out that feather-and-fan sock from the last post in no time flat, and I quickly gave a similar treatment to another pair of UFO socks.


I have plans to finish at least one more pair from the pile of unfinished socks with a non-matching mate.

I have a couple of knit-a-longs coming to a close here, and I surprised myself by not only finishing the items, but actually weaving in the ends (which was a lot for these colorwork socks).

arendelles moire

The sense of accomplishment at finishing things continued on to actually blocking a cowl that had been languishing for a while.


I almost bucked the trend when I got new handspun in the mail from the fantastically talented bockstarkknits and had to find something immediately to knit with her Leftovers yarn. I browsed Ravelry for quite awhile before I realized that I had already written the pattern that I really wanted and so I cast on for a Scrample shawl.

I’m claiming that this is still in the spirit of the finish-its, because I not only already finished it, but blocked it, and haven’t cast on for anything new since.


I’m even actively working on a few more long-suffering UFOs. Let’s see how long this case of finish-its lasts. I could get a lot done if my jumping off point was all half-finished things…


2 thoughts on “The Finishing Drive

  1. Wow!!!!! You are such a talented spinner. I come to your site and I am in just amazement at your skill and quality of work! I am fairly new to spinning. It’s had been about a year. I read that you are primarily self taught . What books/ resources on spinning do you recommend ? Also I want to start spindling . What type of spindle and from where would you recommend I purchase? Keep up the great work and I love reading your blog posts ! Thanks for all the time and effort you put in it:)

    • Thank you!
      My early days of spinning were spent searching for videos on YouTube and watching them over and over again, and then trying to copy what I was seeing. I just kept trying more videos until I found something that worked for me. I started spinning on what I now think of as a fairly clunky bottom-whorl Louet spindle, but upgraded almost immediately to a wheel once I figured out that spinning was something I enjoyed. I still occasionally spin on spindles (usually when I travel), and find myself using my Trindles most often for that because they break down to pack and are pretty excellent anyway (look for trindleman on Etsy). I stashed most of the spindles I have on Ravelry (, though I realize this needs an update…) I do believe my absolute favorite is the spiral tip one from katescauldron on Etsy. I found the book “Respect the Spindle” to be a fascinating and useful spinning resource.

      It’s important to take it slow and realize that all your yarn is going to suck at first! But don’t give up, you’ll improve quickly.

      The one piece of advice I wish I could have given myself as a new spinner would be to spin the yarn I want to knit with. I initially got excited with spinning fast and ended up with a lot of squishy worsted weight yarn that’s still sitting in my stash. Once I figured out that I really needed to spin the 2-ply lace and 3-ply fingering yarn that I actually wanted, it was a few months of practice before I was turning out yarn I couldn’t wait to knit with right away.

      To that end, I say figure out the yarn you want to make and go straight for it. If, like me, you want fine yarns, you’ll need a high ratio on your wheel, or a pretty lightweight spindle (and I find that top-whorls are easier to spin fine than bottom-whorls, your results may vary). If you want *really* fine yarns, look into supported spindles.

      Hope this helps!

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