Back to Spinning

Today is my birthday. I took the day off work and was all set to spend the day pondering the past and the future too, but thinking back over just the last year I got totally sidetracked when I realized I have finished only one spinning project this year, and it was on January 1st so it barely qualifies.

I never even blogged that spin. I started it during Tour de Fleece last year. (I skipped TdF entirely this year…)

It was SW Merino fiber from Quaere, in the colorway Jovial:

I stripped the roving into 8 skinny pieces and spun for my usual 3-ply sock yarn.

I n-plied it.

Then I knit it into man-sized socks with a toe-up heelflap and gusset (my dad wears holes first in the bottom of his heels, so I thought it would do nicely to have most of the reinforcing there.)

There’s a Loop bump on the wheel right now, and as soon as I finish posting this I’m going to pull out the wheel and get back to the joy that is spinning.

The bump is Inner Warmth, and I used the same method that I did in Splitting a Loop Bump to split it into three parts.

I’ll do a three ply. I know, I know, I could have just spun it as-is and done a Navajo ply if I wanted a 3-ply gradient, but I wanted to stagger the color transitions so that the fade is more subtle. Plus tearing the bumps up is really fun.


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