New Pattern!

It’s been years since I’ve had an entry here, and even more since I published a pattern, but I just posted a sock pattern for free on Ravelry and I figured I’d show you all here, too.

Keel Heel Socks


The first version of the heel I worked out for these socks is actually in the previous entry here. As I said there, I put reinforcing on the bottom of the sock heel because that’s where my dad wears holes first. I did this by doing a heelflap-and-gusset style heel, but toe up. It starts as a totally normal reinforced heel flap, but then I turn the heel in reinforcement, and carry reinforcement up the gusset decreases too, so I don’t totally have to sacrifice having some strength on the back of the heel.

I knit several more versions of it over the last few years and finally wrote it up with the latest version.

It’s named for a sailing term because my dad’s hobby is sailing. :)


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