The Finishing Drive

I have a case of the finish-its, which is a rare and special thing for me. It started when I knocked out that feather-and-fan sock from the last post in no time flat, and I quickly gave a similar treatment to another pair of UFO socks.


I have plans to finish at least one more pair from the pile of unfinished socks with a non-matching mate.

I have a couple of knit-a-longs coming to a close here, and I surprised myself by not only finishing the items, but actually weaving in the ends (which was a lot for these colorwork socks).

arendelles moire

The sense of accomplishment at finishing things continued on to actually blocking a cowl that had been languishing for a while.


I almost bucked the trend when I got new handspun in the mail from the fantastically talented bockstarkknits and had to find something immediately to knit with her Leftovers yarn. I browsed Ravelry for quite awhile before I realized that I had already written the pattern that I really wanted and so I cast on for a Scrample shawl.

I’m claiming that this is still in the spirit of the finish-its, because I not only already finished it, but blocked it, and haven’t cast on for anything new since.


I’m even actively working on a few more long-suffering UFOs. Let’s see how long this case of finish-its lasts. I could get a lot done if my jumping off point was all half-finished things…

Any Way You Sock It

Spinning blog? What spinning blog?

I mean, oh. Yeah. Tour de Fleece. Here I am, a day shy of a month between posts, and I have failed so far to share my TdF spins here.

I’ve been on travel for work, which is not half as exciting as it sounds. It’s actually mostly hanging out in a hotel room with a slow internet connection, reveling in the solitude. I do mean that. I have been enjoying the solitude. It’s amazing how well I can sleep without Farnsworth nomming on my hands in the morning.

Kitty is innocent!

Kitty is innocent!

Ok. First up. Another one of my mystery spins for the Steampunk Swap. My package has already been received, but most of my full color pictures are on my desktop computer at home, so this is all I’ve got for now. This was SW Merino from Shadawyn Fiber Arts in “Tea Pot”, spun into n-ply fingering weight yarn.


Next I spun “Basilisk” and “Waterfall” from Loop into a 2-ply I called “Snake in the Water”.

loopbumpsloopbobbinsloopplying loopdone

Then I got on a plane and went to Ohio. I had pre-carded all those purple Phat Fiber samples from last month’s post into 6 little batts.

cardedbattsI’m spinning for 3-ply fingering weight (each stacked pair together has one bit of each sample and will be one ply). Each batt fills a trindle pretty handily. I’ve finished 2 and am working on the third. No way I will finish in time for the end of TdF, but it does make for entertaining spinning on the go.

Spindle 1!

Spindle 1!


Spindle 2!
I swear it’s different! The trindle arms move.

When I wear out my left shoulder from the drop spindle, I’m getting in a tiny bit of practice on my supported spindle with Moonrover fiber.


Yep. Totally matches the hotel bedspread.

But the SOCKS, man!

There’s this one, which I can’t believe I left at home. That’s yarn from String Theory Colorworks, with Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato heel that I fiddled with almost to death to get the stripes to come out nice.

stripeyAnd THEN.

You may notice these two have some similarities, namely that the ribs make big Vs in the insteps. (I know, the ribs are hard to see on the striped sock. They’re there.)


Is that a companion cube earring or did I just forget to bring row markers?

This is because that pattern I was writing last time is now available!

Kind of!

It’s called Vergeven.

The lovely Janel over at Quaere started a Sock-a-long in her Ravelry group for my pattern. I’m sending the pre-published version (i.e. still slightly rough around the edges, though I’m pretty sure it’s mistake-free) of the pattern to anyone joining the Sock-a-long by September 1st. When that’s done in October, I’ll stick the final pattern up for sale on Ravelry!