Directly Vicariously

A sock!

prismThought I forgot about that one, didn’t you?

Another sock!

charadeThe Flat Feet yarn makes interesting tigery stripes.

A small amount of progress on the Oasis Toffee shawl!

toffeeI got all the way to the darkest orange and am still just thrilled at the gentle color progression. Just 12 more rows until I get to start on the fancy edging.


farns worth

I named him Farnsworth. The shelter thought he was about 2 years old. He’s snuggly but skittish.

But mostly today I’m going to blather about how much I love my skein of “Vicariously” sock yarn. Not counting the leftover bits that I Navajo-plied, it measured at about 405 yards (before washing). My sock singles have been a little thick lately, so I aimed for thinner, and it seems to have come out as a rather light fingering-weight yarn, which means I’ll have to knit it on a US 0 or finer to get a gauge I like. I also may have gotten a little enthusiastic with the ply twist, because it was super wiggly.

I think it’s striking to see the difference before and after washing. Here, there’s a lot of high contrast and the colors are pretty wild. Last week’s post also has a picture on the bobbin where you can see the pale grays and pinks.


I let the yarn soak for a long time (at least a day), while I occasionally swished or thwacked it to try and get the kinks out. A few of the colors bled in the water, and while this usually distresses me, the result here is that it essentially lightly overdyed the whole skein in dark red and the resulting jewel toned yarn has me utterly obsessed.


I’ve already skeined it up and expect to cast on for socks this evening.



5 thoughts on “Directly Vicariously

  1. OH GOODNESS! LOOK AT HIM! What a serious face, and the pinkest li’l nose!
    That is some ridiculously gorgeous round sock yarn, wow.

  2. I always love your spinning and knitting, but Renee, its good to know you are once again a COMPLETE fiber artist with a cat back in your life. Welcome Farnsworth!

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